Thursday, January 8, 2009


Stocking, my cat, (remember him?) is coming of age. Can't believe it that he is already sexually matured now.

Yesterday, for the first time I saw him courting a damsel next door. There was no time for romance though. Not that she was not interested or anything like that.

It was just that that bad tomcat spoiled his day. Suddenly, as love started to bloom, there that tomcat was, appearing from no where.

As usual, Stocking, being inexperienced as he was, quickly said good-bye to his newly found love and hurried back into the safety of my house compound.

Earlier that morning, I saw him trying to ambush a magpie robin. He was doing all right in as far as the technique, but it was just that he was still slow. The bird escaped with a few missing tail feathers!

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