Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My blood is always boiling whenever another car, more so if it was (always is) a Kancil or a much smaller car than mine, hogging my car and flashing high beam light to me forcing on me to give way.

It is not that I am too egoistic to allow smaller cars to overtake me, it is just that I don't like the way they force on me to pass. I will normally go to the left willingly if I saw another car speeding fast behind me.

The attitude or more exact, the arrogance of the driver that irritates me.

I don't know about your personal experience, for me I always observe that most drivers of luxury cars do not flash their high beam lights when they want to overtake another car, they just follow closely and most often the car in front will voluntarily go to the left once there is a space.

It is just a sign of respect. Remember, respect has to be earned and it is always reciprocal - one will be respected if one respects others who deserve to be respected.

This morning I heard a deejay of an English radio asking for listeners' opinion on whether we can judge a person by the car he/she drives.

It is somewhat related to what I am discussing. Yes, we can, but still it depends very much on how one drives!

A driver driving a luxury car should be respected if he drives properly, taking care of the safety of his or her fellow road-users. It is just similar to what is called pecking order in the animal world - a junior respecting a senior member of the animal group and in this car business, a cheaper car respecting a more expensive car!

But, if he or she drives recklessly, paying no attention to thers on the road, he or she does not deserve to be respected, no matter how expensive the car is.

Next to flashing cars, I also despise drivers that always drive on the right lane come what may. He or she drives as if he/she is the only driver around, never bother to look into the mirror to see an unnecessary long line of cars lagging behind him/her.

They should also be compounded as well, I think. Why? Because the frustration caused by the long wait normally will cause drivers to overtake even when the risk of a head-on collision is there.

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