Friday, January 23, 2009


Our knowledge is very limited, just like a drop in an ocean. So please don't go around bragging that one knows more than God.

I am talking about God's command, Hudud and Qisas in particular.

I am fed up with people who knows next to nothing about ISLAM commenting about the implementation of Hudud and qisas.

I am more fed up, in fact angry, at Muslims, be it individuals or political parties, who are against the implementation of Hudud and Qisas.

Their idiocy is just unbelievable!

I never claim that I am well verse with the matter. No, in fact I don't know much about Hudud and Qisas. But, as a Muslim, I have faith in God's command. We just obey His command, that's is all about it. Our brain is just too frail to comprehend the justification of all His commands.

I will use something closer to me as an example. Pigs - we are commanded not to eat pork or anything related to it. Many pork lovers ask me why ISLAM forbids consumption of pork.

As a veterinarian, I have great difficulty answering their question, let alone convincing them. But I tried and I guessed I was successful.

Our brain can come up with many reasons (our own thinking, that is) for PORK being Haram. Pigs harbour many dangerous disease-causing organisms is the most often used reason. But, pork lovers will cancel this reason easily by saying that pigs are now raised in the most hygienic method.

Don't tell me that God does not know that in the future (wt the time when the command was made) pigs will be raised in a modern way.

My answer: "What if I were to call you pig?" I'm sure you'll be angry at me. That's the reason why ISLAM forbids the consumption of pigs! They all looked at me, some nodded in agreement.

That may be not the reason why ALLAH forbids pork eating. It is just my way of convincing them. Pigs are just too dirty an animal for us to be eating. Just look at what they eat - they even eat their own feces; their sexual behaviour is worst...they're aroused even by a stool!

Thanks God we Malays hate pork so much...but what about others that God forbids?

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