Tuesday, January 6, 2009


How will you feel when a family just barged into the doctor's room without having to wait for their number being called, just because they were from the same ethnic background?

Or when bundles of forms were passed and collected for processing right in front of your eyes while yours was still with you and not collected for the reason of 'there is no one to process it' excuse?

Worst still when your daughter with a 3.85 CGPA was refused a place in IPTA and yet a daughter of a so-called VVIP with a mediocre 2.8 CGPA got a place and even a scholarship!

I remember a few incidents that happened to me that I think worth telling:

1. I was collecting blood samples of a herd of dairy cattle.
A cow back-kicked a 4X2 plank used to separate the
animals. It flew a few feet into the air and then landed
right smack on my left index finger. The tip of my finger was wide open and blood started to flow from the gash.

I went to see a doctor in Kluang Hospital. Realizing that I
was a doctor, she then added the initial Dr in front of my
name on the treatment card.

I then went to the treatment room for wound suturing. I
saw an old man crying in pain as he was sutured raw. I
shivered at the thought of receiving the same treatment.

A medical assistant then roughly wiped my finger and
began suturing.

Just before the needle went through my skin, from the
corner of my eyes I saw another man pointing something
to him. Realizing that I was a Dr. he immediately stopped
what he was going to do. He then followed what he was
supposed to do in the first place. He put on the drape
around my finger, then he injected local anaesthetics
around my finger, waited a while for it to take effect and
only the he sutured the wound....to be continued

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