Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It is true whan Tun M said, Malays forget easily.

Once, the issue of school children having to carry heavy bags was a big issue in our dailies.

It was a topic spoken and debated by all, at least for that duration of time.

Now, it is forgotten. Children continue to slog it out daily carrying the heavy but unnecessary burden.

Text books are still required to be brought to school. Even after following the daily timetable, school children still have to carry too many text books.

Are these text books really necessary? Are they ever used by the teachers? Can't they be left in the classroom? Can't they be replaced by notes?

What ever happen to e-books that they talked so much about?

I think, even the exercise books could be replaced, if they want. Why not allow the children to do their homeworks on pieces of papers? Why not ask the children to file the corrected papers in files instead?

There are so many whys from me, but I think these whys are so easy to be answered - that if they were serious about it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Azahar,
I think using computer is better.
Typing is easier than writing.