Friday, January 23, 2009


She was the best grandma any grandchild would ever want. To me, she really was. No words could really describe how she cared and gave all her love and attention to my family and to me personally.

We called her Tok Wan. According to my father, she was very neutral in all that she did. She never for once compared him and her other son-in-laws. She also never took side whenever my father and mother quarrelled.

She was Mek Cik bt Ibrahim. Her mother was Sharifah Fatimah Zaharah from Beserah and her father was Musa, from Besut. I only knew this fact only recently. She did not get the title Syarifah because of her non-Syed father (that was what many people told her).

According to them, she did not want to meet her roots in Beserah then as she was well aware that she was poor and no place to be there, among the Syeds, Syarifahs and Tuans.

She was like that, very humble and down-to-earth. She married my Grandpa, Wan Ibrahim Wan Long, a famous silat instructor during his time, and had 4 daughters, namely Minah, Maimunah, Kalsom, Putih (My mom). Then they were divorced. Later they were remarried and blessed with a daughter and a son, namely Hitam and Abdul Rahman.

All her children, save for my mother, had all passed away.

Please read my older posts on Moments of My Life to know more about her.She passed away just after I was accepted as a Veterinary Officer.

It is sad that I could not repay her for all her kindness and love showered upon me. She just loved to travel - for that I regretted very much.

She loved children, an asset not so commonly found in grandmas nowadays. She was never upset for our childish behaviour then. She even scolded my mother for being too tough with us!

Whenever I passed that house in Kg Besut, I always see her sitting on the top of the staircase combing her hair. She was always like that, either combing her hair or asking me to pull out the grey hair.

28 years have passed since her passing, but her memories are as fresh as ever. We miss you very much Tok Wan. May you always be blessed and placed among His beloveds.

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