Thursday, January 29, 2009


The meeting for RMK10 (Tenth Malaysia Plan)presentation was the briefest meeting that I have ever been to in my entire career.

Delegates from the other departments came very light - no binded notes and no power point presentation!

We came with a 109-page ring-binded plan, CD, power point presentation hardcopy and a handy-drive, all eager and ready to present and defend our projects.

The meeting room was not yet opened when we arrived. When opened, there was not even a laptop or an LCD around. They were not ready for any serious presentation!

The chairman, in his opening remarks said that the meeting would be a short one. It was just a preliminary meeting to list down projects. "We are a bit forward in this..."

The preparatory works took us many hours of brain-storming or rather more of brain-squeezing exercises.

Imagine nine teams working extra hard and under much pressure from me to see that the plan was ready on time for the presentation today. Just ask Abdul Rahman Chek how I had chased him to get the thing ready.

We were over prepared! Thank you all for the good work. It is ok, at least we have plenty of time to refine and fine-tune the write-up.

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