Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is always difficult to leave the place where you have been living for more than half of your life just like that.

It is more difficult to leave knowing that no one cares about your departure. Worst still knowing that someone is eagerly waiting to see you out so that he can sit on your chair.

It is always sad to go into oblivion. But like soldiers, they say soldiers never die, they just fade away.I wish I too will not die but just fade away.

May be all the goods that I have done will be kept some where in the department's history, of which I seriously doubt.

Even when I am still here many have forgotten my contributions.

I never hope and expect to be praised for the little that I have done, but at least remember that I was here once and for a very long time.

Though in this heart how I wish they remember me and name a room in one laboratory north with my name. Why not? Of course I never reach the highest department's management post, but seriously I was one of the very few who was responsible for the building of the new lab.

Time is running fast. I wonder if I ever have the time to revisit all the places that I have served, if not for anything important, just for old time's sake.

In these last three months, the number of officers is decreasing fast, but the amount of work that need to be done is increasing.

What can I do? I will just do things the best that I could do, one at a time without stressing myself too much.

I am just waiting for the day when I will take leave before the official retirement day.

I hope I will still be healthy and wise come that day so that I will be able to share my experience, skill and knowledge with the up and coming veterinarians and pathogists!


Martin Lee said...


Who cares whether the rest of the world remembers us or not! I think if our family remembers us as good father, good husband, good son, good brother and good friend, that is more than good enough.

Even Tun Mahatir would be forgotton soon once he stepped down from his PM position. It is just a matter of time before he is in total oblivion!

We only account for what we do to God and God knows what we had done and contributed because He sent us here for a purpose.

azahar said...

That's good. I agree fully with you.

What I have scribbled was just my feelings...feelings of an old man..ha ha

Anonymous said...

Dear Doc,

Feel soo 'touch' with ur words.. :)
For me as the current new & young VO who is taking care of the Pathology Section here ( u know where) at the moment... Honestly, I really can feel ur presentness, still, eventhough I'm never work directly with u.. and physically u r no longer here!
The spirits of the pathology & its uniqueness really out there..

Feel really 'down' once knowing that u cant come & presenting ur 'talk' during last Seminar Kumpulan Pakar Patologi last week... at bukit tengah:(. "Forensic Pathology" hmmmm... sounds interesting!! At the same time, I cant wait to bring u walk & visit to our new lab (especially Pathology, of course), seeking for ur opinion & thought regarding of its function and operation.... Maklumlah, 'saya budak baru belajar' hehe..
But, for me, we all here do understand of ur reason.....

I really appreciate of each & all ur thought & ideas for this new building (especially pathology section, again...), and feel a bit 'small' & 'blessed' at the same time because at the end, the benefits & its 'comfort' comes to me and my other colleague... sounds a bit 'unfair' but....:) Alhamdulillah..

FYI Doc, even after ur retirement, U r most welcome at anytime and we all realy hopes that u can come and join us as well as sharing ur precious knowledge in our active group of Malaysian Association Veterinary Pathologist (MAVP) together with all 'old' and 'new' vets... (presenting inside & outside of the DVS)


azahar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the good words. Pathology has been and still is my passion.

Don't take me word for is just the feelings of an old man who is going to retire from DVS...but not from pathology...

I will continue working and will do my best to share with you budding pathologists out there.

Feel really bad for not being able to be with you. I will for sure vist Bukit Tengah before I leave.