Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is true wht they say - we humans are never satisfied with what we have.

First look at our skin. We Malaysians, particularly the women folks, are so bent on having their skin fair, white and radiant. So much so that they do not mind spending their hard-earned money on various types of lotions for just that - fair and white skin!

On the other hand and continent, Americans and Europeans are seriously looking into ways of getting their skin tanned.

What's so great about having fair or white skin? I wonder what women will answer? Those blessed with fair or white skin, no fret, but what about those with less fair and white skin? Do they feel inferior? I don't think so.

Then why bother?

Then they talk about so and so is lucky to have pointed nose and so and so has no nose bridge at all! So, those with disposable money will undergo surgery to so-called make their nose more pointed.

Those with less money to spend, will put on special make up to highlight her nose so that it looks pointed.

Little that they know, both pointed and not-so-pointed noses have their own strong and weak points. We should be grateful blessed with a nose. What if there is none?

Then of late many people are crazy about Angelina Jollie's lips. So they undergo all sorts of collagen, botox or vitamin injections so that their lips are like her and their chins are well-sculptured!

I have seen many who have undergone such treatment cannot even smile naturally. We can't tell whether they are smiling at us or what!

So womenfolks, be grateful with what you have and remember inner beauty is more lasting.

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