Friday, March 26, 2010


The visit to the district of Bera ended with a high tea organized by the Bera Poultry Association. It was tiring no doubt, but the activities were well-planned and useful.

The layer farm visit brought another interesting find - the gaharu (sandalwood). They planted sandalwood trees in between poultry houses as well as along the roads. They also operated a nursery with thousands of sandalwood babies ready for sale.

On the way back, along the road overlooking the majestic lazy-flowing Pahang river suddenly an extraordinarily gusty wind broke out. Trees marching along the road swayed with the gust and leaves, twigs and even branches fell down littering the narrow road.

I reminded Hasnan to be extra-careful.

Suddenly cars in front of us stopped causing a very long queue. What could it be? An accident or a tree falling?

It was a huge tree on the road blocking both sides of the road.

We waited and waited for more than 30 minutes before a villager on a motorcycle informed us that there was a farm road that we could take to get out of the jam.

We turned back and headed for the road. We were not the only ones that knew of the road. Long queue of cars and even lorries were already there on the road.

As we came of the road into the main road we found that the tree had been removed. Aha! If only we had waited it out, we would not have gone through the unnecessary difficulty!

Patience paid after all for the other drivers!

Further along the road we saw more damages. A large tree fell just in front of a fish-selling stall. Rood of another stall was blown away by the gust.

I reached home well after nine and went to sleep early. Diyana and her friends who are planning to go to Redang island have not arrived.

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