Thursday, March 18, 2010


SPM results have been announced. The anxious waiting was finally over.Some are jubilant while many more are unhappy with their results.

Those top scorers are praised, admired and made hero of by parents, relatives, media and friends. They are worth all the praise and admire. They deserve them.

But what about those who did not get enough A or no A at all? They have been kept aside and their feelings uncared for by many.

Do they deserve all these?

Are their future that gloomy as portrayed by these statements:

"Hai ya, no A ah...".

"Why no A?"

No! No! Their future is not as bleak as the attitude shown by many.

The same goes for the high achievers; their success in life is still uncertain and they cannot afford to sit on their laurels. They still have a long way to go.

To those who did not do too well, do not fear. You still have a long way to go to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Never for once think that you're already a failure. You're far from that, believe me. I have seen many who did not do particularly well in SPM have a successful life. In fact many of the millionaires today never scored as many A's before!

In fact many of them did not even go to the ivory tower!

Go on, choose a career path carefully. Get advice from your parents and seniors. All that is important is grit, determination and perseverence.

Remember you all are still young and with the right attitude, guidance and never-say-die spirit you all will be successful in life.

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Wan Sharif said...

You are right.. 2 self-made millionaires in from our batch did not get a good SPM results..
we get good SPM result are no selfmade millionaires.. ha, ha..