Friday, March 19, 2010


People have fear; fear of the dark, fear of ghost and the unknowns, fear of failing , so on and so forth.

What's your greatest fear?

I will just highlight one fear, that is fear of love.

Strangely there are people who fear love. They fear that they are not good enough to be loved. They reject love before they are rejected.

When someone come to them and say that he/she is looking for a more serious relationship, they question themselves whether they are good enough, whether that person really means business, what will happen if that person leave them and the questions go on and on.

Finally they end up as unmarried person forever. What a waste and it is sad just to think that they will have no descendents to continue their genes on this world.


Martin Lee said...

They are just too paranoiac to themselves! If such persons do not have this simple confidence in themselves, they are probably born losers in whatever they are doing!

I have very capable friends but they remain singles till these days and I still wonder why?

azahar said...

Many factors can be responsible for that.

Broken love perhaps.

But one thing for sure, once you've reached fort and above, you will become so choosy that you want to find a perfect spouse, which is impossible these days.

Then at that age, you have been so long alone that it does not matter anymore.