Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know why, but the Asian koels, there was a pair of them in the office's compound, were so noisy the past few days.

They somewhat warred in strident crescendos from atop a big rubber tree on the hill behind Dr Razi's now-empty quarters. The songs were koel, koel...

Keen eyes were needed to actually see these elusive and miserably shy birds.
I used to walk around to catch a glimpse of the bird whenever I heard that very familiar cry.

The male was glossy black while the female was brwonish, more like our village chicken's colouring. Please go back to my older entries to see pictures of the bird.

There it goes again, ever so noisy. Perhaps it was calling for his missing spouse, who knows.


Martin Lee said...

I do not remember seeing the photos of those koels, which "issue" of your blog that you had put those shots in?

I am keen to take a look at them as most of the time I only hear the calls but not the birds!

azahar said...

Please go to my entry entitled KOO-OOOING OF ASIAN KOELS that I posted on 31 December 2008