Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am blessed with a constant weight. My weight has been hovering between 78-80 kg since I was in university. So it is clear that obesity is not my problem.

I do not have any special dietary regime or rigorous exercises. It is just that I control my diet (many a times, especially during seminars where buffets are served, I can go overboard too).

During weekdays:

A light early breakfast (at 6.20 am) of a slice of bread, two half-boiled eggs and a mug of tea.

No 10.00 am tea break (unless during meetings)

Lunch - Just a simple one of either chicken rice or fried noodles

No Afternoon tea

Dinner: Must be before maghrib prayers. Can be a bit heavy especially with wife's cooking!

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that I never like the super sweet cookies like those cakes, porridges, steamed cookies , etc

As far as exercise is concerned, I always walk as far as possible whenever I could in my daily activities.

Park in the farthest parking space. Stop being a King who was chauffered driven right to the door, and start learning to walk.

I walk to do my wet marketting on Saturday and Sundays (easily 100 metres plus the weight around 10-15 kg).

Before going to sleep I usually walk (briskly and not leisurely) to the grocery store (at least 100 metres to and fro) to buy whatever I have forgotten during the day.

Brisk walking is something that I have learned when we were in the States and I have been practising it since my return fourteen years ago.

By brisk walking I really mean brisk...fast and rapid rowing action of hands and legs. Back in Georgia, my professors loved to brisk walk during lunch break. A cool shower after sweating it out made them all fresher for the afternoon works!

It is very good exercise and at the same time very caring to your knees and joints too!


Martin Lee said...


Try cycling and I believe the road leading to Air Putih, there are quite some cyclists. They probably bought their bikes at the Le Run shop on the same road after Majlis Perbandaran.

It is fun to cycle too!

Martin Lee said...

Another thing Doc, I think the posting time that indicated in your post is not correct. I think you have to go to your setting and change the time to GMT + 8 hrs to reflect the Malaysian time you actually posted!

Once the setting is done, all your previous postings will reflect the correct Malaysia time!

azahar said...

Cycling is good, but I hate breathing in all those fumes from vehicles, and it is mighty dangerous too to do it on the Air Putih road....

azahar said...

I've been trying to do just that...but I still can't...

Martin Lee said...


Yes, it is true that the fume from vehicles is annoying. I do it along the beach, so the strong sea breeze blows the fume along the perpendicular direction to my travelling direction while trailing those vehicles.

MTB or mountain bikes travel along the jungle path could be another option.

By the way, to set the right time, you have to go to your dashboard "Setting" and then "Formatting" and look for the time zone and key in the "GMT + 8 hrs Kuala Lumpur".