Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Our house's renovation began with the replacement of the faulty front door. The old door was replaced with one with an oval painted glass in the middle. She personally painted it with the glossy white paint and it looked very good.

The second door to go was the ground floor bathroom's. It was replaced with one that was pink and collapsible type, just like the one in a plane's toilet.

Then all of a sudden she decided to make white her main colour. Again, she painted the old kitchen cupboard white. The flower metal vase was also rejuvenated with a coat of white paint.

Her latest plan, an old craving of hers really, was to build the dry kitchen cabinet. Yesterday she called Juli to discuss things and she has decided to build one and also replace the sticky kitchen floor with the new flooring.

Why all the hustle and bustle of redecorating the house? Kamal, her brother, is getting married soon. She wants our house to look spic and span for the engagement reception this 13 mac and Wedding reception on 1 May!

Ther is a lot more things to be renovated. They all have to wait after my retirement though.

Diyana and Syafiq have moved in into their new rented house in Taman Melati. Syafiq has to remodel his Mohican hairstyle just to suit his sister.

Syazwan went to Orthopaedics Ipoh Hospital to check up his old knee and ankle's injuries.

We are planning to visit them very soon.

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