Thursday, March 18, 2010


Looking up the tall coconut trees bordering the now-overgrown-with-secondary-forest plots of land that mother has divided between the nine of us, I wonder whether I can still climb up one.

The young coconuts are all very inviting, more so in the hot and dry weather we were experiencing now.

The just-right young jelly-like coconut flesh also will for sure sooth my dry throat.

There are up there, ready for the picking, but who can I ask to get me one or two?

Nieces? Ah they are still too young and soft to climb up the almost-six-metre tree. The trees lacking those grooves for us to step on do not help much for novice climbers.

Hoping for the coconut-plucking short-tailed macaques? I have not seen any in the vicinity for a long time now.

What else can I do to get at the succulent flesh and the thirst-quenching coconut water?

May be I will just use a long wooden pole to bring down the coconuts. Well it is worth a try.

Using all the strength and skills in me, I manage to bring down two. The soft weeds break their fall and prevent them from breaking on me.

The coconut water, argh was heaven on Earth. The flesh afterwards was even better.

Oh coconut water and flesh. that is why a coconut water is called a life giver. All its parts can be useful in some way to mankind.


Al-Manar said...

I just wonder how I get here in the first place. Anyway your moaning over young coconut fruit tickles me. You see, some years ago I planted about a dozen young coconut palms as the ground of my house, facing the Souh China Sea, is best suited for them (and hardly anything else!) Today I drink coconut water practically daily. The tallest is just about 3 meters and a couple are low enough for hand picking. It is never too late to plant a few.

azahar said...

Thanks anyway for accidentally dropping by.

Drinking freshly-plucked young coconut water is never the same as drinking coconut water sold by the roadsides.

That is why I moaned.

Yes, I am planning to do so, but never have the chance as yet.