Thursday, March 18, 2010


Money, Money, Money and more money.

Money means different things to different people.

Some find money just to live, but many find money to make more money, no matter how and does not matter whether laws are broken or not or people are hurt on the way.

There are people who first they had nothing, but then they found wealth (usually in a dubious way) and they change for the worst.

There are also people who first had nothing, found wealth and they remain as they were before, humble and kind.

I have met both types of rich people. Have you all?

Some newly rich people suddenly feel that they need more attention from other people. The standard of things or services that they require suddenly increase, most often annoying, to say the least.

They become arrogant, extremely self-centred and most often than not, looking down upon less fortunate people and very scared of losing their money - so they become very calculative in everything they do.

On the other side of the coin, there are those people who become rich but remain as they were before - humble, generous and ever willing to help other people.

Some say money is everything, but others say money is not everything, but everything needs money now.

Others say health is more important than wealth, but to remain healthy does need some kind of money, though not necessarily being filthy rich!

What do you think?


greatchandeliers said...

Money is not every thing. Money is not source of peace.

azahar said...

I wonder if everybody think so too.

Amir said...

but to have a peaceful mind we needs money too..

Kitchen Sinks said...

Money is partly needed in life not always or every perpose.