Monday, March 29, 2010


Dato' Ahmad Sabree Chik(not too sure of the spelling), the Minister of Youth and Sports and also a fellow Sdara officiated SMKSI'S 31th PTA General Meeting last Saturday.

In his well-prepared speech he stressed the importance of the school not to be dwelling only on getting the most number of students scoring straight A's in public exams.

It should, starting from now, look into other things that students can excel in, things like sports, musics, arts, etc etc.

He gave the 18-year-old Korean who had won the Malaysian open golf recently as an example. At that young age he had collected 2 million ringgit in collections alone.

I agree partly with him. But I guess there should be a precautionary statement not chase the money too does not ensure happiness and prosperity in life, trust me. there are so many millionaires around who suffered and died alone with all the money in the bank!

What I want is the creation of all-round students, not just students who score straight A's but know almost nothing about life, living in the real challenging world.

The YDP was something else too, a figure worth emulating. Despite of his illness, he was still very zealous about looking after the good name of SMKSI.

As usual with PTA meetings, mothers overwhelmed fathers in term of being present in the meeting. I think it is high time more fathers come to PTA meetings in the future.

In the election of office bearers, I was elected as one of the committee member of SMKSI PTA. Well, I guess i will try my level best to contribute significantly to the well being of the school and the students.

SMKSI students, teachers and parents should bring back those golden years of the school. The day when SMKSI was referred as the School, Sultan Ismail School (SIS), the school that excel in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

In the Chorus speaking, there were three cousins taking part, Noorul Amalia (our daughter), Amilin and Atiqah (my nieces). I was so proud of them.

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