Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It always sadden me everytime I hear of people getting killed in road accidents involving stray animals.

Today such accident happens on PLUS highway and another human being lost his life.

Who to blame in such cases? The stray animal, the driver or the cattle owner?

The answer is simple to many, but will he take responsibility over the loss of life?

No, in all road accidents involving stray animals here, nobody will claim responsibility. Nobody will willingly say that he is the owner of such and such an animal once the animal is dead on the road.

He will remove all his ownership there and then and will normally leave the body to rot away under the sun.

Even the company that is within his role to do so will not remove and bury the body. And so the dead body will decompose slowly till the only thing left is skin and bones. If there were crows or monitor lizards around, of course the body will be finished off faster.

But the scenario will be different if a tiger is involved.

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