Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Babies after babies were reported rubbished into places where they were not supposed to be - in dumpsites, rivers, bushes, roadsides, etc etc.

A few lucky ones, though frequently riddled with mosquito bites mark, were found by passersby and brought to safety.

Many suffered crueller fates...last few days one lost a limb after he/she fell victim to a stray dog. Some were just thrown away into rivers and drowned. Their bloated bodies were caught at rubbish traps and found by rubbish disposal workers.

Toddlers were kicked and tortured, some were sexually attacked by monsters called human beings.

What is happening? Where is our humanity? Has it disapperaed into thin air following our greed, uncontrolled and unsatiable sexual lust?

What is clear is that nowadays many of our youngs take sex as something trivial, just like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When this happens, abortions and baby dumping will naturally follow.

In one PTA meeting I recently attended, the Principal announced that nowadays girls felt that it is embarassing not to have boyfriends. They must have boyfriends come what may.

To have boys firmly attached to them they go as far as letting their jewel crowns go to the irresponsible good-for-nothing boys.

They lack self-esteem and self-respect, these girls. No self-respecting girl will be serious with a boy who wants to destroy her. That is not love, my girls. That's satanic lust!

Parents should tell the children that they are priceless. No one should damage them and they should maintain their virginity or purity at all cost!

They should establish a strong Intelligent, Emotional and Spiritual equotient. Be more religious..adhere strictly to moral and cultural needs.

Parents should be more forgiven in mistakes that their children made. Never dispose and disown them. They are, after all your very own blood, sweat and tears.

Bring back humanity to our community!

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