Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Diyana's Vios was rammed in from the left by a taxi driver near KLCC's parking area causing dents on the left rear door.

She kept on calling me asking me what to do. Pity her, but that was the way for her to learn. I understood very well how she must have felt moments after her car was hit. I was involved in so many car accidents those days.

Thanks God except for that dents and a bit of panicky and losing temper episodes, she was all right and managed to continue working that very day.

Raju, the taxi driver admitted that he was on the wrong and for that he was fined by the police as he came to report the accident.

As for Diyana's car damages, she will claim from his car insurance company.
A mechanic promised to pick up her car for repair the coming Monday.

My hemorrhoids bleed again this morning. It has been two days now. It bled like no one's business as soon as I sat on the toilet seat, spraying the bowl red.

May be I will be just like one great Indonesian violinist and musician, Idris Sardi, who was known for continuing working despite of his bleeding hemorrhoids.

A medical doctor whom I met on Kuala Krau bridge recently informed me that I've to earn myself a hemorrhoidectomy as the after-surgery pain will be more than the condition itself.

For the past two days too I have been drinking Moringa tea that Mr Romni gave me.

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