Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When my DDG suggested stray dogs be used as a source of meat there was a protest by a man who claimed that it was unbecoming of him to suggest such a thing.

Why not? I am not against the idea if they do it in a humane way. I mean if those meat-dog lovers slaughter the dogs in the right way. At least they get rid of those inhumanely disposed dogs that scrounge the streets and endangering humans through bites.

I have seen certain areas clear of stray dogs when the population of dog-meat lovers are there in the area.

What I do not like is when they dog-nap expensive pet dogs from houses just to fulfill their desire for dog meat. I heard that they prefer dark-coloured dogs more. So breeds like rottweiler and daschund become their target.

The same thing happened to stray cat population when another nationality makes the place their home.

Can you guess who are they?

Controlling stray dogs is not an easy task for anyone. Shooting, like we used to do in the past is no longer suitable. It is just cruel and against the basic principle of our department's existence - that is to look after animal's welfare.

Other methods, such as using nets, wires, etc are easier said than done. Stray dogs can be nasty to catchers.

When the population of stray dogs is allowed to grow uncontrolled, then the problem of dog bites also increase, especially during mating season.

What to do then?

What I have suggested in my paper is to round up these dogs in a place, select the good ones, have them examined and vaccinated and then export them to those dog-loving countries.

I am sure private bodies can look into this matter seriously. I know for a fact that Americans will fall in love with our local dogs, clean and healthy that is, once they see them.