Friday, March 26, 2010


It has always been her dream to renovate our dry kitchen and make it a showcase, you know with a kitchen cabinet and so on. In fact it was her top priority since we moved in into the house.

Yesterday her dream became a reality. She had a brand new and cute little dry kitchen!

The table top was brilliant shining black and the cabinet was all shining white. The pipe in the sink was also changed - now the water flowing through it was for sure a lot faster than before.

To match the new cabinet was a beautiful red-tulips-decorated blind and a beige kitchen floor. No more that sticky kitchen tiles.

Besides the dry kitchen, Amalia too was very happy with her brand new bedroom set. She personally chose the all-white bed, sliding-door cupboard and make-up things.

Those we the beginning of renovation works to our Teduhan Syakirin (Shakirin's shelter).


wan sharif said...

may what you spend for to please your family be counted as amal jariah.. and be duly rewarded..
I recalled I has spent some hard earned money on thing I considered a luxury and benefit only certain member (other family members support it nonetheless).. in the end I get some extra money from sources I did not even considered before...

azahar said...

That's what many people forget. They think that giving to family members is not a sedekah. It is. Infact it is a much bigger sedekah than others.

So don't be too stingy with your family members. I don't if I have the dough.