Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm still in office; not because I'm too hardworking, it is just that I have another meeting tonight!

Today I have three must-attend-myself meetings! Each meeting lasts 2-3 hours, just calculate how many hours I have to sit and listen, rarely speaks when asked and sometimes interjects when it gets too dull.

Tonight's meeting is important. I have to defend my reorganiztion plan. Though I will not feel the changes if it is approved, but I just want my predecessor to have it easier running the state.

I have to wait it out in my room, take a bath and get ready for the presentation.

Diyana just called saying that she cannot claim the taxi's car insurance for her car damages. I told her never mind, just use her own car insurance to claim that.

Pity her having to deal with all the hassles getting her car repaired.
For her second accident, the damages are worsed than expected. She crashed into something on the road and as the result he punctured the front tyre and ripped off the engine's cover.

I told her that's what driving a car in a city is all about. just be patient and more careful always.


Bagman and Butler said...

I know those meetings as well. I often think they would not last so long except that, in addition to actual content, people seem to need to show off for the leader. Someone leaned over to me once and whispered, "Everything has been said...but not everyone has had a chance to say it yet." But leaders still have to hang in there with it because if you shut people off too quickly, they won't have real buy-in. Good luck with it.

azahar said...

Thanks. Though exhausting, the night meeting was very fruitful. They not only agree with our proposals but also improve it by giving us more higher grade officers.

Today I am off again to Putrajaya for yet another meeting. This time it will be with the minister.

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