Friday, March 19, 2010


Somnambulism, or sleep-walking may happen to anybody, more common among children and less common in adults.

Personally I have seen a fellow university student sleep-walking from her room right up to the fruit orchard, a distance of more than a kilometer away.

A friend was found sleeping under a bacang (a kind of mango) tree with a two-foot 2 X 4 in his hand and a few mangoes around him. No one knew exactly what had happened to him,but I believed that he had sleep-walked and sleep-threw the fruits with that piece of wood.

Reports of people who woke up from sleep and walked all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen and consumed whatever in the fridge were also common.

What happened to little Harith (RTL's grandson) might be a small version of somnambulism.

How and why does it happen, nobody knows.

It is also very common among many to experience what is termed as being pinioned by ghosts ( a ghost lying on the body preventing movement and making breathing difficult).

Just last night my son and his room mates told me that they experienced it.

What was it really and what actually caused it?

Will someone explain these two phenomena.

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