Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Do not feel bad when another fellow human being criticizes or complains about you or your deeds.

Even the Almighty Allah, despite of numerous and too-many-to-count blessings He bestowed upon us, we still complain.

When it rains, we complain about rain, but when it is hot like now, again we are not satisfied. We complain when it is cold and we complain when it is hot.

When there is too much water we complain and when there is too little water we also complain.

I do not mean to complain, but just to report the many forest fires that we have now.

As I commute daily between Kemaman and Kuantan, I see grasses and shrubs along the road were either raging with flame or just simmering with just smokes clearly seen adding more carbon particles and other gases to the already polluted air.

In many areas the skyline is somewhat violet to purple, giving the feel of intense heatiness coming our way.Or is it because of the hot spots caused by the forest fire?

Early this morning, at about 3.20am to be exact, I was supposed to get ready leave for Putrajaya. To my surprise there was not even a drop of water coming from the pipes as I sat down to do my usual morning thing.

I had to scrounge the house looking for a pail of water to do you know what. Only the garden pipe had water and so I had to bring in the water pail by pail just so that we could have a bath.

Because of that I had to cancel my drive to Putrajaya International Convention Centre for the MAPPA thing.

Adding salt to the wound, my handphone went caput suddenly. At 3.35 am I could neither send an sms nor call Hasnan about the cancellation.

Pity him having to wait at the toll exit for about 90 minutes, from 4.00 to 5.30 am before my hp was ok again and he received my message.

At my office I decided to just stay in and finish whatever work I was supposed to do.

The first thing was to receive a farmer from Nenasi for an appeal to reduce the compound for letting his animal loose. I was in a good mood today and so he went home losing only RM200 that morning.

Then received a call from Norazlina who was so very happy that at last she got the Agriculture officer post. She was happy but I would lose another one of my staffs. I congratulated her for the new post and hope that she would be happy with her new job.

I can't be so stressed out thinking about the problem that I will be facing. I don't want to end up being shrivelled on the day I take my last long leave before I retire. I want to fill the remaining working days doing something light and memorable.

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