Monday, November 30, 2009


She was born at Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, Georgia, US on February 17 1996. I was there in the delivery room, watching the whole process for the very first time.

Soon after she became the centre of attraction. Her long brown hair and wide dark brown eyes made her just like a Barbie doll among visitors. They all, be it grandmas, moms and sisters, they all wanted to hold and cuddle her.

Yes, she was a cute little baby indeed. In facts Asians are all like that at birth, cute, long haired and wide eyed.

She is our youngest daughter, made and born in US. It was a pity that she did not taste living in US though. She was 6 months old when we took the flight home!

When she first arrived in our hot and humid Malaysia, her first problem was of course the weather. She developed rashes easily when exposed to the sun.

When she was in kindergarten, she was always proud of her US birthplace. "I'm American," she used to say.

But that was then, now she was silent about her birth nation. Perhaps she was ashamed for what her birth nation did to some other poor countries.

Now, she is already thirteen, very tall and fair. She is, since a toddler, very conscious of how she looks. Still remember she used to say " Amenye (so beautiful)". She was referring to herself. Yes, she always look stunning in her new dress.

She has a very good flair of dressing up. Putting up her scarves has always been her forte. She always looks stunning in her own version of head gear and matching baju kurung.

Her latest head gear style is Siti Norhaliza's tudung...well, you know the one that exposes her hair...

Well, that is our Noorul Amalia, a darling to all in the family.


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