Thursday, November 26, 2009


It is sheer magical to see how a group of non-related giants of the ocean, the hump-backed whales, choreograph their feeding frenzy over a giant living ball of herrings.

First they make a sound from below the herring ball. Then as if they have practised it well beforehand, they one by one blow air bubbles encircling the now-very-frightened herrings.

The fish were forced to swam away towards the surface of the ocean. The air bubbles form a wall preventing them from dispersing.

Then, the big creatures rise to the surface with their huge mouth wide open and gulp the energy-rich herrings down their baleens and straight into their mouths.

They have not eaten anything since migrating to the food-rich waters.

Scientists were puzzled how totally unrelated giants can synchronize their moves to gather as much herrings as possible in groups. If they do it alone, they will for sure be frustrated by the cunning herrings.

Only human so far has been proven to be successful doing such thing!

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