Monday, November 16, 2009


I did not know where the extra energy came from. After coming back from a Sunday official duty in Jengka and a staff's son's wedding ceremony in Jerantut, I put on my track bottom and an old t-shirt and went straigh to my garden to do some cleaning up.

Well, it had been quite some time since I last did any work on the garden. The past few weekends were all filled with activities. The weekdays too did not help much either. Almost everyday I arrived home well past seven in the evening.

My first duty was to cut down the stunted and seemingly-not-growing-as-expected coconut tree. It was the supposedly fragrant coconut that a friend over in Agriculture department gave.

The tree fell in less than twenty minutes and fifteen minutes later, I reached the soft, sweet and crunchy edible part of the tree - the umbut. Both my wife and I enjoyed the crunchy white umbut as the evening snack. My wife used a chili vinegar dip to enhance the umbut's flavour.

Next were my Moringa. They had not been well taken care of and because of that, they were very tall and without much leaves at all. I had to chop them down with the hope of them producing new branches and leaves.

Then came the cleaning chore that I did not like much. I had to ferry, little by little, all the garden refuse by hand using an empty polystyrene box from inside to the big waste basket in the form of a vacant land in front of the house.

Burning was impossible with so much rain everyday.

It was five past seven when I finished. My wife, as understanding as ever, was waiting for me with a mug full of orange juice to quench my thirst. I had been sweating real heavy after the work.

That was what I had been missing for the past few weeks - exercise!

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