Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was driving along a busy town road. The driver of the car in front me was driving so slow as if he was the only driver around town.

I was in a hurry. I drove up very close to his car's bumper signalling to him that I wanted to pass. I saw his eyes looking at the mirror and I was sure that he also saw me and knew my intention.

Losing patience, I flashed him the high beam. Nothing changed. He still drove ever so slowly.

I then moved to the left and tried to pass. I knew that it was wrong, but I had no choice.

Suddenly, as if just awakened from a long slumber, he pushed hard on his gas pedal and the car sped and he then swerved in and out from right to left and right again. He clearly did not want me to pass.

I pushed harder on my gas pedal and managed to hold on. He then passed me and stopped. Of course I too stopped in a hurry to prevent a collision.

He got out of his car and menacingly walked towards my car. Then, as sudden as he had stopped his car, he stopped right in his track.

He raised his right hand and mumbled something. I lip-read him as saying that he was sorry.

You must be surprised why a young and strong man like him behaved in such a humuliating way towards an old man that had pestered him all the way.

No, there was nothing in me that made him scared of me. I was just a 55-year old man trying to reach my destination fast.

You wanna know the real reason?

He saw two big fellows, one sitting next to me and the other in the back seat. Their mere physique were too much for him and his puny friend.

They were my sons, both above six-foot tall and 85 kg in weight!

I could not imagine what might have happened if they were not around.


Martin Lee said...

Was the food that makes the difference? My son is also above 6 foot and weighs more than 85Kg. My wife and I are not that tall either.

azahar said...

I guess it is the interaction of genotype (the genes) and phenotype (the environment)...
I am tall for my generation (5 ft 10) and yes the food...they eat far more proteins than us...