Thursday, November 5, 2009


This morning as I was driving in the rain I heard a speaker talked about how we should look at sickness in a positive way.

Normally we moan and complain whenever we fall sick. Little that we know that there are blessings (in disguise of course) for every sickness or misfortunes that happen to us.

Sickness or misfortunes are tests from our Creator to bring us closer to Him and to make us realize that may be we have strayed from the righteous path.

Sickness, from as simple as a prick from a tiny thorn or a miskicking a loose pebble, will clean us of sins that we had done in the past.

That was why great religious men of the past golden era will accept sickness, hardships and misfortunes with open hearts and minds.

Life without any form of hardships, smooth sailing as they say nowadays, will often make us forget the real reasons why we are here, to fear Allah and abide by His orders.

So, let us take stock of ourselves. How far have we accepted sickness, misfortunes and hardship with open heart and minds?

Yesterday I suffered a slight belly pain...I moaned and sighed whenever the pain came...I rushed to the nearest was just an attack of gas.. the pain is still here...need to be more patient..

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