Thursday, November 26, 2009


Tomorrow will be a public holiday. So, understandably today staffs taking their leaves to prepare for Eidul-Adha.

After sending Diyana's Vios for a 10,000km service, I arrived in the office and found that it was empty. My PA was at the reception counter, taking over the telephonist's duty for the day.

Just as I was beginning to sit down for a serious work, there went my hp. Iskandar from Toyota Motors called. Diyana's car was ready. So fast! I would wait if I were to have known earlier that the service would be that fast.

This is my third year where we did not have to scramble driving home on a 8-10 hour journey. We are already at home!

Except for a call from Hussein, a goat farmer from Lipis, it was quiet all the way. It was surprising that there was no call from people asking for a free slaughter permit.

It looks like I just have to continue sitting on my chair and wait for the time to go home for a three-day rest!

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