Monday, November 23, 2009


He was always in batik sarong worn from just below his navel to slightly above his knees. He wore no shirt whatsoever, come rain or shine.

When we first met him, he was always serious looking with no sign of impending smile.

Now, as we knew each other better (at least after so many times exchanging looks), he always smiles whenever we met.

Once in a while he even answered us when we asked him simple questions.

"Gi mana? (Where are you going?)"

"Keda (To the shop)"

Unlike others in similar condition that we met, he was very different. He never begged for things, instead he bought them with the money he had with him.

We always see him walking barefoot, shirtless and in the same batik sarong. He does not care much about time and weather.

There was something mysterious in his facial expression. I feel that whenever he looks at me, there are something hidden I sense he wants to tell, but cannot.

Yesterday I saw him sweeping fallen leaves from the compound of a stall busily selling tapioca.

He is Pok Su. We do not know much about him, except seeing him walking around.

I wish someone, may be his relatives, will be kind enough to let us know who he really is. What has happened to him before? What kind of life he has been through before?

There are many persons like him or in worst condition wandering around without us really know what was wrong with them. It will be good if we could wander into the secrets of their lives so that we could understand them better.

Once, very long time ago, there was this man, walking around in tattered clothings carrying all sorts of things on his back and when it was time for prayers, he would stop and gave the Muezzin's call to prayers (azan).

Stories had it that once he was a bilal. Out of greed he grabbed hold of all his siblings' properties...only God knows whether that was true...

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