Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Everything changes, including our hair style. I remember first it was combed from right to left. This style remained throughout primary school life.

The hair cream? No, it was not Brylcreem..it was Jameela hair cream. It was the green oild in long-necked bottle.

When I went to SDAR, the hair cream changed for a couple of times. I forgot which one came first, but among them were Brylcreem and Tancho (the super thick cream).

It was in Form three that the hair style began to change from being combed from right to left and sometimes right in the middle.

The left to right style did not last long. It was soon replaced by the midline style. This lasted well into my university days.

Towards the end of my university days, once again my hair style changed. This time the hair was combed towards the back, no line at all.

It seemed the easiest and the most fashionable style that time. This style remained till now, but of course the hair is no more jet black as it used to be. Now, not only the hairline is receding and it was adorned with more grey than black hair. The hair itself is getting thinner now.


Anonymous said...

Hello Azahar, haven't heard from you in a while. I hope things have been well for you. Enjoyed your post today. You are right about the cards. I am ashamed to say, just today I sent an e-card to my son in Texas for his birthday and Thanksgiving. That is kind of sad. Come again.

azahar said...

Well, I have been a silent reader.
I will go on reading your beautiful posts and once in a while will comment.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and family.