Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Within this year alone I discovered that three of my childhood friends, namely Shamsiah Abu Bakar (SK Pusat and STF), Sharifah Aminah (SK Pusat) and Shuib Samah (SDAR) are distant relatives of mine.

How wonderful to know that we had been friends all these years and yet did not have the slightest and faintest idea that we were somehow related.

Shamsiah Abu Bakar, we were together in Standard six A in SK Pusat in 1966 and together we followed Chikgu Yong Bin Hitam, the best teacher that I had ever had, wherever he organized after school tuition class just to get the nine of us ready for that special exam for boarding school.Come to think of it, my mother knows Shamsiah's late father even then.

Sharifah Aminah told me that she is related to Syed Noh, and when her Tok Cik Hawa was still alive she used to tell me that my grandmother was realted to her. That means somehow or someway, we were related too.

Shuib Samah told me that he hailed from Senamo Kilir too. Same suku with my father, Mungka Bukit...that automatically makes us relatives, or at least one clan!

So, I now have 3 more relatives in my directory!


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

pernah dengar ke tak orang kata eratkan silaturrahim dgn kawan lama, relative etc boleh memanjangkan umur? hope so and in your case sometimes i wonder how 55 years old man can still memorize his childhood days. Your memory is very sharp. Ada tips ke dato'?


azahar said...

Itulah yang saya sedang usahakan sekarang Rizam...mencari kawan-kawan lama dan sauadar mara...

Memory is something not fully understood...some parts of my life I remember very well, especially the childhood years..but some parts, I remember almost nothing..

May be you would not believe me when I say I could still remember scientific names of udang galah tetapi at the same time I forgot whether I have locked my car or not!

I guess we remember the good parts of our life better...

There is no special tips, but I recite Quran daily, at least three pages a day...