Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fish, fish and more fish. There are red snapper, sea bass, garupas, trevallies, leatherjackets, trigger fish, etc etc

Which fish parts are your favourite?

Fish head curries, anyone? Many Malaysians and increasing number of other nationalities love fish heads. They make curries, sweet and sour, tripple taste and even soup out of fish heads.

We all love fish heads very much. When we were in the US, we had plenty of free fish heads from Kroger. They just simply rubbished the fish heads. Only after I told them that I would like to have them, they then reserved them for me everytime they cleaned the fish.

Imagine having huge red snapper, salmon and garupas heads for free! They only use the fillet and steaks.

In the fish heads, my favourite parts are the cheek muscles, the lips and the eyes!

Once I even heard two women quarrelling over fish lips in Kemaman wet market!

Fish Swimming bladders are also favourite dish for the Chinese. I learnt enjoying them when I was in Penang.Now, fish swimming bladders or simply called fish maws are in my list of good food.

Fish belly is also good. Try tuna's belly. You will love the soft and tender texture.

My youngest love, believe it or not, the fish fins deep fried to perfection. Do not be surprised to see fried trevally, scads and Indian mackerels served minus the fins whenever you come for lunch in my house. They have not been nibbled by some cat, but our Amalia just love to have them as snack.


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