Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My father was surprised when I told him that I had just had two very appetizing wok-hot coconut pancake for breakfast.

You want to know why he was surprised?

Because to him Coconut pancake was a delicacy from my past. Yes, I was really hooked to it as I was growing up. The day would not be complete without it, either for breakfast or evening tea.

My wife is already a seasoned cook as far as preparing delicious coconut pancake.

The secret is the quality of the grated coconut. It should be freshly grated, preferrably the coconut should be a bit young and it should not include the brownish materials from the shell.

It should be consumed while still warm...the warmer the better. A dip in plain white sugar is good enough for me.

I can easily finish two pieces in one go!

I love wok-hot coconut pancake. Try it will you.

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