Friday, November 13, 2009


Our house will soon be lively and noisy again. It is so quiet with only three of us around, especially for my wife who has to bear it, living by herself when I'm at work and Amalia in school.

Syazwan is coming home for a long vacation Sunday (15/11) night. He had just finished his third semester and thought that he could achieve the Dean's list this semester. He has been working hard and deserves the break.

Syafiq will soon follow, a few days before AidulAdha that is happening on 27 November. He will quit working at Picolo Hotel and come December 15 he will move on to a brand new 5-star hotel in Ampang.

Diyana too will drive back home on the 25 November morning, that is after her farewell party at JAKIM one day earlier. She will have a few days break before attending a two-week induction training at PETRONAS Training Institute, Bangi beginning Ist december.

After training she will be reporting in the 80th floor PETRONAS tower for a briefing. She will be posted to L&G division...that was what I heard.

When everybody is at home, our home, the Syakirin's villa be transformed to a boisterous, forever full of activities and I'm sure my wife will have her hands full cooking all the favourite food of her darling children. And of course, you can never stop hearing her motherly naggings...

When everybody, especially Syazwan, is at home, relatives are sure to come a visiting our house. Amirul, the eleven-year old Syazwan's cousin will for sure be the first to arrive and will remain in the house till Syazwan leave!

Nieces from Seberang Takir most probably will follow soon after Amirul...

Our quiet house will soon be boisterous and full of lives again!


Mary-Laure said...

Isn't it wonderful when the house is filled with loved ones!

azahar said...

Sure...they've come back. I fetched them at 4.00 this morning.
Everything we do is full of fun when the house is full of lives!

Kakak said...

I cant wait to be home too! its been a month plus since i was home..btw, i'll be seconded to MLNG la Abah, not L&G.hehe it's Malaysia Liquified Natural Gas :) cant wait!