Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In Terengganu we have pulut lepa (glutinous rice rod with fish and grated coconut wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to perfection) whereas Pera folks have their own pulut udang (glutinous rice rod with pounced prawn and grated coconut wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to perfection).

Having tasted the two variants, by far I prefer pulut lepa by miles over pulut udang.

Why? Pulut lepa has that distinctive original fishy taste compared to pulut udang's usually bland and that feeling of grated coconut that had been pressed for its milk.

Pulut lepa too comes in two variants and with two different names - the normal pulut lepa and the almost diamond-or-heart-shaped pulut jantung.

Pulut jantung is crispier than pulut lepa.

However, the present pulut lepa (I hate the stapples used to prevent the wrapper becoming loose) does not have that crispy texture as that of the yesteryears when I grew up. At best, only the banan leaf wrapper is well done whereas the glutinous rice is still soft.

I remember to always run to restaurant in front of the Kemaman bus station everytime I came back from school...just to taste their crispy and tasty pulut lepa!

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Sampagita said...

Although my parent are from Perak, I wa born in Kuala Trengganu. My growing up year in Trengganu was very short but my affiliatin towards Trengganu is very strong. Yes, I prefer pulut lepa to pulut panggang...anytime.