Thursday, November 12, 2009


Diyana was furious. She could not believe it. How could the villagers did it.

The ten bags of high quality rice that her department supplied mysteriously changed into the much lower quality rice when the cooked rice was presented to the guests for dinner.

Worst was when the guests did not have the chance for a refill, there was inadequate beef curry around. Pity the guests coming all the way and did not have enough food.

The high quality rice had been swapped with a lower grade rice. That was certain, but by whom?

The bull and five goats would have supplied enough beef and chevon for the number of guests invited. Where have the beef and chevon disappeared to? They could not just vanish into thin air.

It was embarassing, to say the least. They had been robbed in broad daylight, robbed by the people they wanted to be closer with.

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