Thursday, November 26, 2009


Last night we visited my mom and dad in Kg Bukit Kuang. It has been more than two weeks since we last visited them.

It was not that I forgotten about them, but I was just too occupied with other things to make it. First the ESQ 165 training in Pekan and then the rains.

I am not giving excuses either. It is just my weakness, that was all there was to it. Deep inside I regretted it very much. I don't want to be a disobedient son (anak derhaka).

But they understand it...she even said that it was time for me to retire...the daily commutings and the late arrivals home after works all added up to my tiredness.

She was as cheerful as ever. Most of her houses / rooms were rented and her appetite improved a lot. She told me that she finished two plates of rice in a sitting.

I brought up the story of Sharifah Aminah being a relative of Syed Noh. She said yes and mentioned Sharifah's mother's and father's name. She knew them all very well. In fact she told me that she knew most of the Banggol folks then.

Yes, she agreed that Sharifah is related to me. You hear that Sharifah, we are indeed related. I wonder if you can ask your elderly relatives whether they could still recall my grandmother (her name was Mek Chik bin Musa and her mother's name was Sharifah Fatimah Zaharah).

Dad too was cheerful. As usual he stressed that he missed me. I gave him a hug and told him that I was sorry for not visiting him for the past two weeks. He also understood.

They are my mom and dad. My mom is all alone for all her siblings have passed on. For my dad, he has only a brother and a sister in Rembau, but they rarely meet each other.

My mom is physically healthy whereas my dad has been bed ridden for the past four years. I always pray that they will always be happy and blessed by Allah in their twilight years.


Anonymous said...

Salam dato',

i might be your distant relative jugok lah. saya dilahirkan di kg banggol, dibesarkan disitu, tp settle down kat binjai dah 3 tahun. what a small world!


azahar said...

Waalaikum salam.

You kerja kat mana? Apa nama ayoh dan mok. Manalah tau kalu saya kenal?

Sharifah Aminah said...

Salam Dato',
Alhamdulillah, kita ni ada tali persaudaraan. Ada masa panjang umur, saya cuba untuk mencari lagi saudara saudara yang lama telah terputus hubungan. (teringat kisah lama kecil kecil dulu selalu berulang alik ke Bukit Kuang ke rumah Tok Syed Noh)

azahar said...

Berani jugok Syarifah berbasikal ke Bukit Kuang masa kecik-kecik naik kereta arwah Syed Noh? Masa tu arwah seorahg lah yg ada kereta....

Anonymous said...

Saya anak Pokde, cucu arwoh pokleh Kg banggol sebelah ayah saya. kalau sebelah emak saya ni cucu Pok Mang juruselam pukat tangkul.
Kerja sendiri kat wisma serangkai kemaman, buat trading untuk offshore


azahar said...

Arwoh Tok sedare saya (Tok Ngoh Semang) pernoh ikut kelauk pukat tangkul dan saya memang gi ambik ikan sokmo dgn dia di Banggol...

Toke ikang terkenal di Banggol (lupa pulok nama dia) tu saudara saya jugok...

Kenal dok Hj Yaakob toke ikang...dia tu sepupu saya..