Monday, November 16, 2009


Syafiq was the first to arrive, at 3.24 am to be exact. Taking my time, I woke up and drove to Centre point to get him.

I stayed in the car to wait it out for syazwan.

Less than an hour later, Syazwan called. He was already in Geliga. At 4.15 the bus arrived. Syazwan, with that huge military=like bag of his, casually strolled to the car.

In the house, both of them appeared very hungry. They were asking their mom for food, at 4.30 in the morning!

Soon, they were busry finishing whatever food left on the table.

I did not have time to sleep after that. We had a lot to talk about, from the incident where Syafiq caught a drunk lady right to Syazwan's post-mortem on his QS Family day.

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