Friday, November 20, 2009


Meeting schoolmates, collegemates and whatever-mates is sure fun to many people. Being gregarious and social creatures, we all just love to reminisce, talk about those wonderful years that we spent together.

But for me, meeting, at last, my birthdaymate was an extraordinary, out of this world experience.

I did not mean meeting someone who was born on the same day and month. What I meant was meeting someone who was born exactly the same day, month and the year - 22 July 1954!

We were on the same table in one agricultural function in one Felda scheme in Pahang. We were talking about our age. Both of us said that we were 54 (it was last year). I asked him what month. He answered July. He asked what date. I said 22. Both os us were equally flabbergasted.

At last we met our birthdaymate! Both of us strangely enough were frantically searching for our birthdaymate.

If that was still not enough, he was also the son of a policemen.The only thing different was the state where we were born. I was born in Terengganu and he Negeri Sembilan.

The other is that I am planning to retire at 56 and he at 58!

He is non other than En. Mohd Dan, a senior FELDA officer.

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