Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Diyana just 'sms'ed telling that she has arrived safely in Kemaman. I have been worried when she has to drive all alone from Putrajaya this morning.

It is not that I did not trust her driving skill. It is just because of the rain...the road, especially the KL-Karak highway and the East Coast highway, can be very treacherous if one is not careful.

She has finished her one-month notice at JAKIM yesterday and is looking forward to start work in MNLG Petronas. She has got 5 days to rest at home.

At home, Amalia is also looking forward for her sister to come home. She just cannot wait to get into the front seat of her sister's Toyota Vios.

So, now our Syakirin's villa is full - all 6 of its dwellers are already here. For the next five days at least, it will be full of activities, especially at night.

I don't know why, the boys tend to stay up almost the entire night getting hooked on their lap-top and spend the day sleeping! The rain does not help much either.

I don't care what they do, as long as they don't wander around and get into problems.

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