Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Have you ever wondered why animals destined to be slaughtered for sacrifice in Mecca seemed to be so willing? In fact, according to many who had been there, there waited impatiently for their turn to be slaughtered.

There was no struggle or cattle jumping here and there trying to avoid being slaughtered as the case in many of our animals here.


Animal sacrifice is something that requires sincerity. Something that is performed just to obey Allah's order, and not for other worldly purposes.

Purposes like to get one's favour, to show off how well-to-do one is and how generous one is to the poor and so on and so forth.

Worst still, there are cases where animals are slaughtered using the money not from his own pocket, but from others with special interests!

Then there will be much hurrahs in the media about his generosity and people talked much about it. What a good and generous man he is.

Then there is the thing about the animal itself. How pure it is. What kind of animal management has the animal been through? What kind of money is used to buy the animals? Is the money 100% halal?

These are the questions we all need to ask ourselves before we sacrifice animals. When all the answers are according to our teachings, then go on sacrifice as many animals as you can afford and also do it properly.

Happy Aidil Adha!


Martin Lee said...

There was this famous story of the father of faith, Abraham or Ibrahim who was supposed to sacrifice his son, when God Almighty told him to do so. Eventually his faith and obedience were tested to the fullest because everything is from God, the Creator. He passed the test and merciful God sent a ram with its horns entangled in the thicket instead to substitute his son for the sacrifice at the last second.

The Jews and the Christians have the same story recorded in the Book but this event was not celebrated in such a big way as the Muslims. And we have jam in Kemaman because a lot of "Balik Kampung" traffic and also because of the rain that damaged the road surface and caused vehicles to slow down.

azahar said...

Yes, the road surfaces are bad in certain stretches of roads, especially at the traffic lights near Bomba and the bridge at Bukit Kuang itself.

Imagine I had to turn back as I reached the mosque on the way to Bukit Kuang...