Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In a Veterinary Anatomy class Dr Menon, the lecturer, announced that there would be short quiz. The question was as follows.

" A brand new car was speeding at a speed of 140 km/hour on a straight road. Suddenly an old cow casually crossed the road. The car's driver tried to stop but the distance was too short for that. The car rammed into the cow hitting the mouth directly. How many of the top incisors the cow lost?"

"You all have ten minutes to answer and at 2.45 I want all answer papers."

Everybody was scratching his or her head. What a question it was.

I passed on an empty paper and so many others. Of course there were a few smart students who gave a well calculated answer.

"Dr Menon, what a difficult question!"

"Really? You wan to know the answer?"


"No teeth was lost. Cattle has no upper incisors!"

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