Friday, November 20, 2009


For the past few weeks Malaysians were busy talking about the 'cut' advertisement. "Have you cut?"

It may be innocent to many, but to some it was vulgar or may be even obscene.

What do you think?

It depends on how we perceive things. The word 'cut' conjures pictures of the foreskin being removed.

Still remember how our new Principal banned the phrase "pecah dara" when he first set foot on SDAR's soil.

We then said that we 'pecah dara' doing something...meaning doing any thing for the first time...but to him the phrase was obscene and may be too blue to be used by students. He took it too literally.

We are living in a world full of words that have double meanings. No matter what the word is, some people will twist and turn the word and finally it is made to be related to nothing else, but that thing.

Our mind must have been corrupted, so corrupted that even words that do not have any relation to that particular organ will be so.

Once I met an old lady professor who was having the same problem with her students. She told me that there are certain words that should not be used at all in lectures. Words like triangle, hole, rod, cock, pink, etc etc

Even my biology lecturer was perplexed when her students giggled when she said that the fungal hyphae resembled 'rods' or 'batang'.

"What's so funny?" She just could not understand why.Only later she found out why and since then she would be careful to choose what words to use!

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